Tramonte was established in 1977 by the mother of the present owners.

As soon as they finished their school in 1985, they transformed the individual firm into the present company: Tramonte Snc (using the family surname as brand).

Situated next to Venice, in recent years the firm is grown and modernized respecting the environment but maintaining the features of family management.


Now the headquarters have been moved to a new modern and bigger construction equipped with a photovoltaic system that can produce all the power necessary to every manufacturing phase.

Inside, the entire production cycle is completed: from the study of the model to the realization, from the selection of raw material, rigorously made of Italy, to the final packaging and quality control.

The firm is able to product a wide range of items, most of them in natural fiber like cotton and modal.

It has a well equipped storehouse and good organization that permits all customers to find quickly what they need.

It has an high productive capacity and it is able to satisfy customers with every specific requirement of purchase.


Tramonte Maurizio e Miriam